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Damn, It Feels Good To Give Birds Cancer

“Shit, man, you know what would be awesome? If we took the printer and destroyed it. With crowbars and junk, just like in that movie Office Space. It was really funny in Office Space! And we should film the whole thing. We’ll even use the same music from Office Space. That way we can cement our legacy as the studio that never had an original idea.”

Goodbye, Pandemic Studios. I’m sad you guys all lost your jobs, but I hope you cleaned all those broken bits of plastic up. Birds eat those! Then they die. I’m also pretty sure that toxic cloud of toner should not have been released from it’s holding cell. Due to it being toxic and all.


Muder Watch: Pat Buchanan

Watch out, free world! I’m about to drop a Stressbomb on y’all.

Around the two minute mark this video gets amazingly facepalmy. Pat Buchanan basically says that white people built this country, and that’s why he would vote against Sotomayer. Do I even need to provide commentary for this? No, I think I just need to spread the word. It’s nice that MSNBC is providing alternate viewpoints to their liberal slant… not so nice that those viewpoints are so ass-backwards.

FYI: I’m a Rachel Maddow fanboy.


Facepalm at 11

Hey, want to get angry?  Then watch the above embedded video!

Parents everywhere are outraged that a piece of shovelware contains nonsensical jibberish that sort of sounds like something that portrays Muslim culture in a positive light.  On a game rated “E for Everyone,” of all places!  Whoever is indavertently preaching this tolerance must be stopped.


No More Lens Flares

The next four years are going to be wonderful. Obama has already done what no other president could: hired a proper motion graphic artist. Check out the first few seconds of his weekly address and tell me that’s not beautiful. It’s also worth noting that his campaign logo is stunning in motion.

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