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Premium Buyer’s Remorse odds are 1:1


Three quick facts about the new Justice League Of America Archive trading cards from Rittenhouse.

1. They are $3.99 a pack.
2. There are only five cards in a pack.
3. It only took a single pack before I was cursing my brand loyalty.


Where the tweetle beetles battle


It’s Autumn! This is my favorite season by far. Aside from the obvious awesomeness of Halloween, colorful foliage and decreased crime, I love the fall because of the weather. Cooler temperatures mean I get to pull out my man-talking power outfits. Blazers, scarves, overcoats… they’re all street legal now, and I love it. I’m just so much more confident in layers.

A while ago I commissioned Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier to make me a “masculine” fashion accessory. Her previous brooches are fantastic, but the kids on the playground would always make fun of me for wearing them. I basically asked her to take her work and dudeify it. The result, pictured above, blew me away. That striped ribbon is gorgeous, and the drawing, as always, set my heart aflutter.

Anyway, now that the weather has changed I’m really excited to wear it attached to my more neutral sport coats. It looked a little silly just pinned to my He-Man t-shirt.



Coin: Inserted


The Attract Mode video game culture shop opened last week.  It has zines, chiptune albums, shirts, limited edition oversized prints… basically everything a single dude with disposable income would lust after.  I ordered the Psychosomnium Button Pack and a copy of 1-Up MegaZine #3. Both items arrived today and are absolutely gorgeous. But the real kicker is the amazing packaging…


If you want a great example of how to connect with your customer, this is it.  The order arrived packaged in my very own cardboard edition Game Buddy.  There was even ASCII art on the receipt! Everything about Attract Mode screams “Hey, I’m like you.  We should be friends.”  We should be friends, non-sentient online storefront.  You’d probably blow my Tetris high score out of the water.


BONUS ROUND! Check out the Virgin Mother (?) pin that was attached to my receipt. Can someone give me some details on this? I love it. Most pins end up attached to my messenger bag, but this thing is blazer worthy. I’ll be wearing this at SPX on Saturday; if you see me, throw out a high five. Even if it happens to be some other person wearing a pixel Mary pin, I’m sure they would appreciate a random high five.


The Blank wishes he was this cool

2009-07-07 19.50.01

Dudes: there is a Question action figure. I now own it.

I’ve probably mentioned on this blog that the Question is my favorite fictional character quite a few times. The fact remains that a faceless, paranoid, Objectivist superhero who ends up dying of lung cancer after years of smoking is inherently awesome. You know that “Rorschach” guy that geeks are always going on about? He’s like Diet Question. So when I saw this three pack at Target I had to have it. I also get a bonus Wonder Woman and Wally West (who are totally going to go on a date at the Ghostbuster’s Firehouse as soon as I dig it out of my parent’s basement).

This figure is probably going to reside in my messenger bag so I can bust it out when I ask something inappropriate on a first date. Then I’ll wave it in the girl’s face and say “ANSWER THE QUESTION!” If she laughs, it was totally meant to be. If she doesn’t… I’ll probably need a public defender.

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