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The Road Less Traveled

Okay. I’ve stated my opinion about the Path many times. In short: it is the best game I have ever played and it has changed the way I think about interactive media. I not only enjoy it, I admire it. For a while I was buying copies for anyone who wanted to play it. I posted that on Facebook: straight up, I will purchase you a copy of this game if you will play it. Many friends took advantage of this, and some of them have had the same reaction as I. Which makes me feel very good. So, having bought the game a thousand times over, what did I do when Tale of Tales announced a limited edition of twenty physical copies? I BOUGHT ALL OF THEM.

No, that’s a lie. I just bought one. I’m not that greedy.

The game saw a retail release in eastern Europe, and being a complete fanboy I begged on the Tale of Tales blog for a chance to purchase a copy. They totally delivered, even signing it.  But the real reason this special edition is awesome? Loot.

In the old days, we called these feelies.  Those maps, cloth pouches and gold coins that came with old Infocom games?  They were awesome. The retail edition of the Path has creepy Polaroids of underage girls. And stickers. But I’m more attracted to the Polaroids.

I actually got this in January but just remembered that I had it this week while waiting for my soundtrack CD to be delivered.  This Polish edition is sold out, but you can still purchase a similar Russian edition from the Tale of Tales store.


the 400th annual Feel Good Games

The Lobo ParaMilitary Christmas Special, embedded above, is a surprisingly well done student film about a very disgusting character. Lobo is a crude, juvenile figure, initially conceived by Keith Giffen to be a parody of Marvel Comics’ Wolverine (who wins the Stresslines Worst Comic Character Fueled By Dew award every year without fail). I don’t really have a problem with Lobo because he doesn’t demand to be taken serious. He commits genocide for fun, uses nonsensical expletives (such as bastich) and is very protective of endangered space dolphins. He is a symbol of the ridiculous excess of 90s comics. It’s almost magical.

This afternoon I was reading old scans of Nintendo Power from Retromags (because that’s what nerds do when they’re drunk in the daytime). I was surprised when I stumbled across a Super Nintendo game I wasn’t familiar with: Lobo. Lobo the fighting game, staring Lobo the character! The reason I had never heard of it is because it was never released. Not surprising, after reading the full feature.

Here are high resolution scans of the entire feature: one, two, three, four and five. It’s worth reading for anyone who played fighting games in the 90s, as the preview has a moves list that’s almost identical to Street Fighter II. There’s something telling when a six page spread is filled with controller commands instead of gameplay impressions. No wonder this never made it onto store shelves.

But wait, there’s more! After some extensive detective work (a single google search), I uncovered a ROM of the Sega Genesis version of the game. Spoiler: it’s most certainly a prototype, and you’re life will be no different if you choose not to play it.


Marmalade Cream, Sweet In Between

I just ordered my copy of the Korg DS-10+ synthesizer from Amazon and a peculiar thing appeared on the recommended items page: Jam Sessions 2. This game apparently came out in October, but I haven’t seen it mentioned on any of the 527 game blogs that I follow in Google Reader. There’s not even a Wikipedia page for it! Honestly, the first game was rather boring, so I couldn’t justify purchasing the sequel… until I saw these amazing screenshots.

It’s like the interface was torn out of the back of an old Nickelodeon Magazine. Gorgeous! If anyone knows the illustrator responsible for this, please let me know.


My grandma wouldn’t put up with this stuff


There are seven (technically eight) girls in the Path… why does everyone insist on cosplaying as Ruby? I don’t care for her, myself. She’s got that leg brace, but all she says is “it hurts” without any specifics. In spite of having a leg brace that apparently hurts, she’s about ten times faster than the other girls. Notice that she doesn’t start limping until she wakes up back on the path after encountering her wolf, the wolf she shares a cigarette with before something very bad happens. That’s textbook high school goth right there. Suffering is a lot of fun until you’re actually suffering. I refuse to feel sorry for you, Ruby! Your obsession with decay and the darker things in life is obviously self-destructive. You chose this path.

So now then: where is my Carmen cosplay? That is something I will feel comfortable masturbating to.

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