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Power in order to be something

Posters for Boys by Amanda Visell. You can grab them as 16″ x 20″ prints for $30 each or a set of 4 for $100. This kind of makes me want to start trying to make mad babies. Just little dudes that are like me but able to have these prints hanging around without it being weird.


the Devil would also build a chapel

I really love these paintings by Rebecca Artemisa. I’m a sucker for wood textured anything. And masked ghost spirit astral projection… things.  You can buy prints of the top image from her Etsy shop.


Within a different theory of space

The United States Captial Building, skinned in traditional Islamic geometric patterns, by Alina Gallo. I am always impressed when work leverages a high visual impact as an extension of its message rather than as a supplemental device.


In any language

Beautiful multi-color silkscreen prints by John David Deardourff.  I always appreciate works that apply the comic book vocabulary to fields of fine art other than illustration and cartooning. It’s amazing how narratives can emerge through the panel format even when the subject matter is non-figurative. You can see more on his Cargo Collective site.

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