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Archetype of the Shadow

This makes me want to go hug my little brother. And I would, except I have way too much important stuff to do. Time is money, you know.


Needs more Jimmy Olsen


DC is bringing back Adventure Comics! And issue number zero (available now) is totally kicking it old school.

Adventure Comics was a big deal for a long time… it’s one of those staples of comic book history, like Detective Comics, Action Comics and the like. The fist issue came out in 1935. That’s a long time ago!
The last issue of Adventure Comics actually hit newsstands the day I was born… August 10th of 1983. That’s kind of weird, right? One of the benefits to being born on a Wednesday, I suppose.

I just decided that I’m going to buy every comic that comes out during the week of my kid’s birth. Then I’ll stash them away and they’ll make a great 21st birthday present (when the kid is old enough to appreciate that sort of gesture). I just hope that print media holds up long enough for me to have kids!


‘Pie’ is a euphemism

A Nintendo Customer Service training video from 1991. Training video is meant to convey information clearly… so what’s up with the soft-focus butter lens? I imagine some film school drop-out was not happy with his life choices.


Sgt. Savage and his Sexually Objectified Eagles


Wow, they totally captured the look and feel of the original G.I. Joe action figures and cartoon series!  This is exactly how I pictured a live action version of the franchise.  I bet they make Cobra Commander wear a turban.

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