Drawing a somersault to see the world in a bearable light

Oh, World! Merry Christmas.

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  1. you were creating Un-Men, I didn’t raielze you meant 3. Hey, I’m naked in here! Ever heard of knocking first?4. Why Anton, I never raielzed how lovely your neck-wattle is!5. I’m the living duplicate of Adolf Hitler?(I loves me some Swamp Thing; thanks, Jeff! )

  2. So what you’re saying is that you were in my shetourn part of the state and we didn’t grab and bite and meet. Let’s not let that happen next time, Lady! This sesh is super duper, btw.

  3. I had most of the star heathcliff iuesss (still do, somewhere), a few thundercats ones, a couple top dog ones, planet terry, some girly one like strawberry shortcake, and I think wally wizard and/or royal roy (I got the planet terry, first top dog, girly, and if I had the wally wizard and/or royal roy ones those too in a multipack sampler), silverhawks, and peter porker. I’ve also downloaded scans of all the heman ones, and some other odds & ends.

  4. Great music, Greater price (FREE). Come join this awesome site and sopuprt their advertisers if applicable to you. I hope sound effects are in the plans hint hint:)

  5. A couple of things always intrigued me about the Sa#9u&i3d;s. How much money do they spend on casino's and blond hookers? Do they spend anything on toilet paper. And when they buy kids form south Asia to be camel jockeys in the races does a kid belong to the family, maybe the stable, or is he below the camel on the Saudi social ladder.

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