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Let me make this clear: it is okay for men to wear brooches. I picked up two very reasonably priced brooches from Oh My Cavalier a few weeks ago and they’ve worked their way into my everyday ensemble. I was worried at first because the word “brooch” doesn not exactly carry a masculine connotation. I’ve come to realize that they’re wonderful, and I’ve since gotten a lot of compliments on them.

In addition to what’s displayed above, I also have a lovely Banjo Bear brooch attached to my winter coat. Serious street cred.

(Did I mention I only wear suits now? Because I do, and it’s fantastic.)

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  1. […] Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier to make me a “masculine” fashion accessory. Her previous brooches are fantastic, but the kids on the playground would always make fun of me for wearing them. I […]

  2. Wow these look really cute,congrats. I’ve also staetrd making my christmas decorations with the felt I ordered from you. They are beautiful colours, and I sold a jacket today that had a broach made from lupin felt. So thanks!

  3. Super Generous of You! Im just batty for owls…so id be super stoked to win him… Oh and you are rellay rellay rellay making me want to make pretties with felt; i just have to figure out a way to start another new hobbie, without my hubby rolling his eyes over another “new” hobby i HAVE to do

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