Muder Watch: Pat Buchanan

Watch out, free world! I’m about to drop a Stressbomb on y’all.

Around the two minute mark this video gets amazingly facepalmy. Pat Buchanan basically says that white people built this country, and that’s why he would vote against Sotomayer. Do I even need to provide commentary for this? No, I think I just need to spread the word. It’s nice that MSNBC is providing alternate viewpoints to their liberal slant… not so nice that those viewpoints are so ass-backwards.

FYI: I’m a Rachel Maddow fanboy.

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  1. 1) How’s THIS for Intelligent Design?2) Eat lead death, Sauropods!3) I’ll give you stupid lltite arms .4) Y’know, in a few million years this is gonna make some weird fossils 5) I can’t spell paleontology, but I can sure as hell shoot straight!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful how the ciclrbue changes the melt and the melt changes the cruciple. Without the CAP and the Cage could the alumnae ever discover their own bigotry? And undergrads, too?

  3. After finding this comic the first time, I never lkooed back on following it. Sorry you had a busy week, but it happens. Hope the longer time away inspires you.

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  6. Internet, Bloggers Have Well Seen These Issues Coming, For Birthers And Fed Audit(Apollonian, 28 Jul 09)This was another very riaevleng interview, O’Reilly totally missing entire pt. to things, the fool. See, Why doesn’t Obama just release the original long-form birth-certificate rather than paying lawyers, approaching million dollars now? In this case SPLC Jew-queer is saying nothing different than other media liars and prostitutes attempting to cover the gross usurpation and treason, trying to disinform the public about the issue which has to do with natural born qualification requiring both parents being citizens (see and this natural born qualification is what is being deliberately obfuscated which numerous people are capable of confirming for themselves merely by going to the internet. It doesn’t really matter whether birth took place in USA both parents must be citizens.Further, Jews-media attempts to discredit conspiracy theories which, so ironically, it only thus confirms with their brainless and obvious attempts to confuse and mis-state the facts.CONCLUSION: But what thrills me is public actually seems to be ahead on this issue, the Jews-media flailing and flopping impotently, pathetically. Another interesting scene is Ben Bernanke of US Fed going about telling his lies, begging people not to ck into Fed COUNTERFEITING (see,, and for expo/ref. on Fed fraud). Internet has turned into potent weapon for the public, rendering an entirely new dimension to things. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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