Come for the noodles, stay for the handjobs


I have to give props to my favorite place to eat in Chinatown: Nanzhou Noodle House, at Race Street between 9th and 10th. My friends introduced me to it when I first moved back to Philly, and it’s flat out amazing. So amazing that I took my mom there to celebrate her 50th birthday.

See that mega-meal above? That cost me five dollars. It is literally eight pounds of food, and absolutely delicious. They have an beautiful clear broth that is just so rich that no other noodle house in the city can compare. CODE NAME MOMZ got the seafood noodles, which had fish balls, clams, and shrimp added to the default mountain of bok choy, cilantro and noodles. Six dollars! She loved it (except for the fish balls, which she had never had before and produced a hilarious reaction).

Why have these shaved noodles not exploded onto the scene like a veritable Dustin Diamond of food? Some dude in the back has a ball of dough, and he’s shaving off noodles into a cauldron of broth. Then you eat them for almost no money. Everybody wins.

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  1. Um… we are so going there. Shaved noodles and fish balls? Paradise.

  2. You would love this place. If, um, your anything like me and happen to love places like this. It puts the “azin” in “amazing.”

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