A day to celebrate every failure of postmodernist appropriation

As you may be aware, September 9th, 2009, has been declared “A Day Without Cats On The Internet” by various blogs and websites. Seems a little ridiculous, since it’s essentially taking away the only form of medication many of us have. I work in an office! How am I supposed to keep from flipping the hell out without my daily feed of hilarious captioned cat photos?

Urlesque had a poll to determine what animal should fill the funny picture void. Bunnies won. How boring! If you’ve seen one rabbit with a pancake on it’s head, you’ve seen them all.

I’m taking this as an opportunity to forward “LOLpeople” to all my friends and co-workers.





I had made a bunch more, but adding the caption to that fourth picture made me sick to my stomach and I had to stop. Enjoy!

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  1. you sick faggot

    my grandmother was ukrainan and had to LIVE through this. fuck you. you obviously know nothing about the suffering of the ukrainan people and what they had to deal with.

    i hope someone fills a grave with you and your family

  2. Thanks for reading, pal!

    May I suggest reading the title of this post a few times?

    And I am actually Ukrainian. But thanks for the well wishes.

  3. Oh man, “invisible justification” takes the cake—then executes it and lives the rest of its days in infamy.

  4. I just could not depart your wetibse earlier than suggesting that I extraordinarily loved the traditional info someone offer you for ones visitors? Will probably be back generally for you to investigate up on new posts

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