Great Moments In Stresslines History, 1

October 30th, 2009: When I realized that Superman III wasn’t just a bad movie, it was a really bad movie. God bless you, Christopher Reeve, for putting up with this.

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  1. Sorry. I disagree. He was great in part 3. He did an amazing job playing the anti-superhero. He really freaked me out as did the whole computer/robot finale. I really liked this movie. It msy have been a lot different from the first 2 films. It was a completely different formula. But it worked in my opinion.

  2. Me too. I enjoyed it’s campy approach. It’s far fetched in ways, but from a kids perspective in particular, I think it has some great silliness and some heavy moments. It’s paced well enough to keep you watching. Seeing Chris portray a negative version of his typically heroic self, was pretty cool. I always dug that 5 o’clock shadow he was sporting once he started his transformation. It’s not my favorite of the three, but it has a place in my heart. Now, Superman IV, yikes… I think that one is too embarrassing. I felt sorry for everyone involved. Certainly Chris was running out of patience for the third film, but the fourth… I think he probably broke down and cried after every take.

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