Damn, It Feels Good To Give Birds Cancer

“Shit, man, you know what would be awesome? If we took the printer and destroyed it. With crowbars and junk, just like in that movie Office Space. It was really funny in Office Space! And we should film the whole thing. We’ll even use the same music from Office Space. That way we can cement our legacy as the studio that never had an original idea.”

Goodbye, Pandemic Studios. I’m sad you guys all lost your jobs, but I hope you cleaned all those broken bits of plastic up. Birds eat those! Then they die. I’m also pretty sure that toxic cloud of toner should not have been released from it’s holding cell. Due to it being toxic and all.

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  1. 1. Are you Alfred? Batman let me borrow his cape.2. The bravees they eat their own poop.3. Perhaps monsieur would prefer ze blue robes tonight, oui?4. I can’t shake this cold. *sniffle*5. This? No reason. Why?

  2. This piece was cogent, well-written, and pithy.

  3. The movie was great because Will Smith is a top-notch actor. The enndig wasn’t up to par with the intense drama that was developed throughout the entire length of the movie. I agree with the enndig being too cookie-cutterish. (Yay i support u WRIXEL)In response to Locksley the trap was made by the zombies, who mimicked will smith’s trap in order to lure him near the building where they were camping. However, this was a bit incongruent with the lack of intelligence the zombies were displaying earlier.As far as how the zombies were designed, I thought it would be better if they didnt all look the same. Supposedly it was a virus that causes hairloss, skin reactions, and loss of pigmentation, but I dont understand why they all looked like clones. I personally thought the zombies looked scary. =( Yes i am one of those ppl who jump at everything tho. >.<

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