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Last Friday was the opening of The Black Dog Runs At Night, a Twin Peaks themed gallery show at Piranha Betty’s Art Mart in Kensington. As you may know, faithful reader, I am a hardcore Twin Peaks fan… enough so that I was willing to travel to Kensington, which is not at all safe, just to check out this show. I took a few crappy cellphone pictures that I thought I’d share.

The main gallery area had been done up to resemble the Black Lodge, straight down to the zig-zag floor. There’s a log hidden somewhere in the above picture… try and find it!

In addition to art, there was a pie tasting, because all people ever seem to associate Twin Peaks with is pie and coffee. I did not try any pie, because it did not look at all appetizing by the time I got to the show.

The art itself was fairly average. Nothing jumped out at me as being amazing, save for a couple dioramas I didn’t get good pictures of. It was mostly fan art, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I did ended up buying a few smaller drawings that I liked. The above picture shows how they were marked as sold. The gallery manager just plastered my name and phone number next to the work for some reason. So far I’ve had half a dozen unsolicited text messages, mostly Twin Peaks quotes. Thanks, Piranha Betty’s!

Final Verdict: there is no reason to ever visit Kensington. Except I have to go back when the show closes to pick up the drawings that I bought. I will most likely just give my roommate five dollars to go pick them up. No one ever messes with him. He’s got crazy eyes.

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  1. Meanwhile, Dale is still (and always has been), trapped in the Black Lodge. What are we doing to get him out of there?

  2. That makes me really want to do a webcomic of Dale’s adventures in the Black Lodge. “Diane, spent most of the day chasing a doppelganger of Just For Men Gel. It continues to elude me.”

    The twentieth anniversary of Twin Peaks is this Thursday. Don’t forget to celebrate in whatever capacity you can!

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