Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else

“I Love My Job,” a single page comic by Graham Kahler about the magic of table-top roleplaying games.  I have never before experienced a comic that pegged such a sense of place.  These panels are pretty much exactly what flashes through my head when I score a critical hit when playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends.

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  1. My hero!

  2. Actually, I suspect they’re both comic nerds. In the dakrer of the two speech bubbles is actually Lila. (Hrm, forgot those were the original colors I used. Oh well, someday when I do a book I’ll make them all consistent ) But Lila’s capable of seeing them as stories and Marin sees them as people. Lila would have to be suffering from some serious stress/pms/alcohol/etc. to cry at the events in a comic. Marin would just have to be awake.

  3. Hi Cram, sorry for delayed reply. I am glad this post hepled you. We all reach plateau from time to time. And we need it, so don’t be discouraged, just do your best. Good luck!Marina recently posted..

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