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‘Pie’ is a euphemism

A Nintendo Customer Service training video from 1991. Training video is meant to convey information clearly… so what’s up with the soft-focus butter lens? I imagine some film school drop-out was not happy with his life choices.


At 4:47 he’s hooked up to a car battery

Capture from a VHS tape sent out by Nintendo Power to promote Starfox 64. Most notable for depicting Mario with his head in a vice being tortured by Sega and Sony reps. It’s like Hostel, only with better acting.


This Was Going To Be Our Year

A cartoon ad break from 1991. I’m not sure why someone decided to capture this and upload it to YouTube, but I’m glad they did. That Mega Man 3 commercial is serious business.


Found In My Parent’s Basement, Part II

Goof Troop sun hat, My First Sony boom box (with a Red Hot Chile Peppers mix tape still inside) and “LAZER” branded fanny pack. Okay, this one I am embarrassed by. Inside the fanny pack was a SpyTech dossier containing handwritten notes such as “there are birds in the park today!!!” I don’t know what that means.

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