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The dog is the only animal that has seen his God


I’ve been a mega-fan of Grant Morrison for a while. Animal Man, Kill Your Boyfriend, Batman RIP, Final Crisis, Seaguy, 52… the dude writes some amazing stories. I’ve had We3 (considered by many to be his best work) on my shelf for a few months now, but only worked up the courage to read it this afternoon.

And I cried and cried and cried. I had to watch Zoolander in it’s entirety just to calm myself down.

We3 is about three animal prototype weapons — a bunny, a kitty and a doggy — set to be decommissioned. They were formerly pets, abducted and altered by the United States government. They escape, and those in charge of the project try to terminate the animals as quickly as possible.


The reason this story is so effective is because the animals retain the characteristics of their species even after being turned into cybernetic killing machines. The cat is snarky and independent. The rabbit is mildly timid and constantly looking for grass. The dog seeks reassurance (“1 IS GUD DOG?”) and wants to lead all the other animals to his warm, loving “home.” Frank Quitely’s art is masterful here, with complex, layered panels highlighting the heightened senses of the animals as they react to… well, people trying to murder them.

Thematically, there’s a lot going on… it’s about war, it’s about animal rights, it’s about human instinct. Utimately, though, it’s a horror story. You know how it’s going to end, and there’s nothing you can do but keep reading. Or put the book down and walk away, which I was tempted to do a number of times.

We3 is very good, but also very brutal. It’s hard to stomach. I urge you to read it. If you love animals, I urge you to not only read it and also to invest in a box of tissues and some stupid comedies on DVD.

Grant Morrison has turned the book into a screenplay, which is apparently set to be adapted as an R-rated film. I doubt it will ever be made… the audience simply isn’t there. I know that I, personally, could not sit through a live action version of this. The book is enough.

Now, please enjoy this video of Zoolander compressed into nine minutes.


I’m sorry, I can’t read this.

On my train ride back from Portland, I decided to crack open Grant Morrison’s Animal Man run to pass the time. I’ve never read it despite being a huge Morrison fan. I was not prepared.

By the fourth issue I was crying, swearing off meat and otherwise promising myself I’d be a better person. When I think Animal Man, I envision a lamer version of Aquaman. He channels the powers of animals around him. Big deal. But Morrison did something amazing: he took the throwaway concept of this superhero and turned him into a voice for animal rights. “What happens if Animal Man channels the powers of tortured lab animals?” The book goes there, and it is brutal.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Once you reach the Coyote Gospel… I can’t even explain how amazing it is. It makes Watchmen looked like a rushed fill-in story. This is a Vertigo title for a reason. I can’t wait to read the next two volumes.


A Thanksgiving Miracle

Okay, so Sarah Palin does a publicity stunt to try and keep herself relevant. She goes to some farm in Alaska and ‘pardons’ a turkey from slaughter. That’s pretty hilarious, right? Okay, now watch the post-pardon interview.


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