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Everybody Hates The Flash

Thanks to a post from Joystick Division, I’ve discovered the joy/absurdity of beat ’em up montages. In this video, a roster of bizzare characters beat the shit out of Barry Allen in MUGEN, an open source fighting game framework.

Why? Because he should have stayed dead.


Professor Zoom’s neck can only be snapped so many times


Okay, okay, okay… okay. Excuse me as I have a major geekgasm.

Barry Allen, the Flash, died in 1985 during Crisis on Infinite Earths. He saved the entire frickin’ universe by running so fast that he transcended time and concentrating the entire speed force into a single bolt of lightning… which ended up being the same lightning bolt that connected him to the speed force in the first place. Very La Jetée, right? His death was meant to signify the end of Silver Age and the dawn of modern, darker stories in comics. He’s one of the few comic book characters that died and stayed dead.

Until last year, when he popped up during Final Crisis and ended up playing a huge role in the story. It was awesome. So, he’s like alive again. And last month DC Comics launched a new series: Flash Rebirth. The first issue wondered “Why did Barry Allen come back? What is his purpose here? What does this signify?”

The last panel of the second issue answered that question. And, spoiler alert: it is awesome. I got seriously giddy. You can tell because I ran to my laptop and wrote this post. I didn’t even put pants on first.

Carry on.


Scalar Quantity


Okay… fuck it. John Wesley Shipp is the Flash. No one else. I am in love with this series.

I’m up to disc five of six. It started off slow… poor stories, poor acting, and poor everything all around. But I’ve come to love it. Mirror Master, Captain Cold, The Trickster… they nailed that shit. And John Wesley Shipp plays the Flash so well. He’s kind, unsure of himself, and so goddamn handsome. In the same way that I always hear Kevin Conroy’s voice when I think of Batman, I’ll hear John Wesley Shipp’s when I think of the Flash. And the costume is perfect, goddammit.scalar quantity

Super Geek Bonus Points!


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