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A new case for Polyamory


Hey, guess what?  The new Wonder Woman animated movie is phenomenal.

They completely nailed the mythology and origin story, it’s brutally violent, and Ares inspires a general sense of terror. The only complaint I would have is that Diana as a character is not fully explored. But, really, considering all of the things that could go wrong with this movie, it’s very impressive.

Best moment:  when Steve Trevor is trying to talk down a demonic ogre, you can see Diana kicking off her high heels in the background, totally ready to kick some ass.  It’s one of those moments that shows Wonder Woman is remarkably femenine, but also someone you want as your protector.


Spoiler: Nora Ends Up In A Lazarus Pit

Batman: The Animated Series is famous for creating a lot of the accepted mythology for Batman, such as Mr. Freeze’s canonical origin, seen here in the first season episode “Heart of Ice.” To me, the series is best known for being fucking awesome. This episode won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program… not one of those cheap Daytime Emmys, but an actual Emmy. This episode perfectly captures the feel of the Batman universe, from the framing and art style to the character motives and dialog (courtesy of Paul Dini). Notice that there’s no title card in the introductory sequence… the atmosphere is so masterful that they don’t need that shit. Part two is here.


This Was Going To Be Our Year

A cartoon ad break from 1991. I’m not sure why someone decided to capture this and upload it to YouTube, but I’m glad they did. That Mega Man 3 commercial is serious business.

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