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Spoiler: If cats could talk, they wouldn’t

I’d just like to point out that the above page isn’t a piece of creepy fan art… this is the last page of Catwoman #1. ¬†Apparently the new DC Universe is all about on-panel, partially costumed superhero coitus. ¬†The entire issue was pretty awful, but this awkward fap-baiting has convinced me that I don’t need to buy any more issues of Catwoman. At least not with its current creative team.


Nowadays people just use Bit Torrent for their Phantom fix


Wednesday is great. Every Wednesday I can walk into any comic shop in the country and be greeted by a wall of new, occasionally exciting comics featuring my favorite characters. And what’s the best part about Wednesday’s comics? Wednesday Comics!

Stupid title aside, DC’s new Wednesday Comics series is an amazing concept. If the above picture didn’t illustrate it properly, the book is huge, the size of those newspaper things you used to read Garfield strips in before old media shriveled up and died. It’s interesting to note that the layout directly channels a medium that we all know is suffering, right down to the flimsy paper. Maybe that’s a good thing, a reminder of why the sensation of print can still matter? The narrative format is also interesting: each story is only one page an issue, and the book runs for twelve straight weeks, then it’s done. So at the end of this we’re going to have fifteen 12-page stories, all handled by different creative teams.

You should be excited for this. I am. Neil Gaiman doing Metamorpho? Kamandi by Dave Gibbons & Ryan Sook? The Demon and Catwoman together in one strip? Metal Men written by… Dan DiDio?! Okay, so that last one just makes me curious, but the clear fact is that this is an awesome idea.

That’s the main reason you should be excited. This is a idea that is new. When’s the last time you saw a big publisher tackle something so… wacky? Timothy Callahan has a great writeup at Comic Book Resources as to why this is a big deal, and he’s a much better writer than me, so you should just click that link if I haven’t sold you on Wednesday Comics yet.


Big Barda, where art thou?

Now that I have no more episodes of the Flash to watch, I’ve tried to fill that void with the Birds of Prey live action series. I’ve only watched the pilot so far, but it’s probably safe to say that this is the worst thing to come out of DC Comics. Worse than the Catwoman movie. Witness the show’s intro, embedded above.

Maybe I’ll formulate a more cohesive critique when I’m less angry about the whole thing.

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