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It only lasted one season before the Black Flash caught up with it

I’ve been watching the Flash live action series. It’s not so great.

It’s also not so terrible. I’m actually surprised by how watchable it is. I mean, the lead actor plays the Flash pretty well. The cinematography is very competent. Where it falls flat is in the stories. They are so goddamn boring. I’ve watched seven episodes so far and each one seemed like a rejected Law & Order 4 Kidz script. Shouldn’t the Flash be, like, fighting a giant gorilla instead of doing a drug bust? It’s the frickin’ Flash, not Watchmen. Leave the gritty stuff out of there and write something engaging.

Three points that I stress over…
1. It is always dark in Central City. Which is funny, because it was almost always the middle of the day in classic Flash comics. The Central City on display here is more or less a duplicate of Gotham from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie.
2. References to the source material or very obvious and forced. “Meet me at Garrick Street.” “What? Garrick Street?” “Yes, Jay… Garrick Street.”
3. Iris is nowhere to be found past the initial episode. She’s a teenage artist in the pilot, then she suddenly runs away to France. Shameful. There are two rock solid comic book couples in my mind: Lois & Clark, and Barry & Iris.

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