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Seven Pounds of Earff

Amazingly enough, Will Smith might be in a movie that’s actually good. If Ebert’s review is anything to go by, at least. There’s a local critic around here named Lou Gaul, who has a reputation for never knowing what the hell he’s talking about… his review, aside from containing major spoilers for the film, basically chastises it for not being stupid like Will Smith’s movies are normally. My new rule is to assume the opposite of anything Lou Gaul says.


Siskel & Ebert at McDonald’s

I’m of the opinion that Roger Ebert is the most insightful modern critic across any medium. When I come back from the theater after seeing a bad film, the first thing I do is read Ebert’s print review to validate the experience. The man is a great, great writer. I always forget about Gene Siskel because… well, because he is no longer alive. Shameful on my part, really. I loved watching At The Movies as a kid just for the banter between Ebert & Siskel. I wish they included the more venomous go betweens in the actual show.

After your done watching the clip, read Ebert’s companion blog post and be thankful for things.

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