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50 inch woofers all along the back

This was over twenty years ago? Holy shit, I’m old.

Earlier this week, Tiny Cartridge did a quick post on a bunch of BS about Nintendo signing with Nvidia for some sort of technical thing that I don’t understand. But in that post, there was a video embedded: the video for L’Trimm’s Cars That Go Boom.

Dude! L’Trimm was awesome! I haven’t even thought of this song since I was in elementary school. I remember my awkward fifth grade dance, where I asked a girl named Valerie to be my Valentine. She declined (due to her involvement with a rat-tailed boy named Timothy) and called me fat, which has pretty much set the tone for all my future relationships. Every time I ask a girl out, I just remember Valerie making fun of my sweatpants. I’m so sad.

Uh, but… I’ve been listening to this song all week, and it’s fantastic. Except my current age means that when I picture “cars that go boom,” they’re occupying busy intersections in middle eastern countries.


Intergalactic Hoagie Sojourn


Right now, this very second, I am on a train. To Maine!

I know what you’re thinking: “Mr. Stress, why is this a big deal? You travel all the time. And you are so good looking.” This is a big deal because it marks the reunion of SUPER BEST PALS FOREVER, the covert team of artists I served with during the Great Hipster War of 2004.

In other words, I’m going to see all my old college friends again for the first time since graduation and I’m totally excited. SUPER BEST PAL Agent DeAnne is getting married! And her wedding is somewhere in the back woods of Maine, pictured above. It’s a camping dance party wedding.

I’ve got a bag full of Wawa sandwiches, a couple suits and a tent. I’ll have my laptop with me, so maybe I’ll be able to live-blog getting eaten by a bear.


MCHammer has nothing on this

yokoonoI think the best part about using Twitter is logging on and seeing a celebrity wants to follow you.  It’s a wonderful equalizer.

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