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Spoiler: Casualties of the DC Universe Reboot, Part 2

I woke up this morning and the latest Superman news was being covered not by a comics site, but by the popular celebrity gossip blog TMZ. The post mostly focused on how his penis looks in the new costume.

DC Universe Reboot.  Changing everything.


Spoiler: Casualties of the DC Universe Reboot, Part 1

Sinestro’s Handlebar Moustache.  Poor dude.  Not only did DC management make Sinestro shave down to this ridiculous wisp of facial hair for the cover of Green Lantern #1, but they also put him in a green costume for whatever reason.  I guess the talk of this reboot changing everything isn’t just hype.  I’ll miss you, Sinestro’s Handlebar Moustache.  You were an icon to my generation.


Even victors are by victories undone

DC Comics recently announced their plans to reboot the entire DC Universe and start everything from scratch. You know, like they do every frickin’ summer.  I have grown tired of summer events and DC execs thinking they have to constantly shake things up.  “EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE FOREVER (UNTIL NEXT SUMMER).” This year it’s Flashpoint, where the Flash wakes up in an alternate universe, last year it was Blackest Night, before that Final Crisis.  I’m burned out, guys!  I’d normally just skip this event and wait for the trade paperback, but there are parts to this announcement that have me thinking.

Mainly: DC isn’t just cleaning up character origins and mythologies like they normally do (“Oh, they had lots of asparagus on Krypton! That’s why Kryptonite is green or something!”), but they’re also trashing every ongoing comic series and starting with new number 1 issues.  That’s pretty drastic, although renumbering comics isn’t unheard of.  What is unheard of is same-day digital releases for all comics, starting with these new number 1 issues.  That doesn’t seem like a summer event reboot.  That seems like a paradigm shift.  As if DC is adjusting their entire brand to tailor to the people who are reading comics right now.  Which is wise, because sustainability trumps legacy.

I believe one of two things will happen as a result of this:

  1. DC will work towards setting the standard for mass-market digital comics.  It’ll be a renaissance of superhero stories, all available cheaply on the device of your choice. They’ll do for digital comics what Amazon’s Kindle did for ebooks. From there, the doors will open for independent artists to sell their own comics digitally… and actually make money doing it.  DC will have singlehandedly saved comics.
  2. DC will reneg on this in six months when it comes time to plan next summer’s big event.  They’ll always treat digital second to physical, even though no one is buying physical comics.  This is the more likely of the two.

It’s sort of amazing that it’s 2011 and no one has done digital comics correctly yet.  There have been attempts from all the major publishers, but there has yet to be an “iTunes of Comics.”  Maybe DC will get it right, but I doubt it. Whatever. I’m just happy that there’s going to be a new Animal Man series (the cover art of which is up at the top of this post).


Invisible Airplane is retconned to be an Invisible Motorcycle

The Story So Far: after a long postcard campaign from jerks like me, DC Comics is celebrating the 600th issue of Wonder Woman this month.  Also the 600th issues of Batman and Superman, but those aren’t as important as Wonder Woman.   I was reading iFanboy this morning and stumbled across Jim Lee’s redesign of Wonder Woman for her 600th issue.  I am, surprisingly, not completely disgusted.  Mainly because Wonder Woman’s iconic costume is completely ridiculous and inappropriate; I lovingly call it the USO Ameritits Bikini. Anything is an improvement.

But still… leather jacket?  Black choker?  Jim Lee shouldn’t be trusted with stuff like this (see his bastardization of The Huntress character in Hush).  My favorite take on Wonder Woman remains Carly Monardo’s, mainly because she’s recognizing Wonder Woman’s roots as the princess of effin’ Themyscira and not trying to dress her up as some patriotic Rush Limbaugh fap-fest.

You can see more redesigns like this over at Project Rooftop, a blog that serves no purpose other than hosting fan redesigns of superhero costumes.  Which is wonderful.

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