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Okay. Watch the embedded video, above, then get back to me.

My partner at work and I find this hilarious. We have been watching this daily, for several months, and each time we bust a gut. It is goddamn funny. I love it.

Thing is, we show it to other people and they act like we’re crazy. “I don’t get it.” What is there to get? If dinosaurs could talk, this is what they would say. It’s like a Far Side cartoon in video form. Our viewer will stare for a while without cracking a smile, walk away, and then I’m expected to relate to them. No dice. This is joyful and beautiful and rewarding. Why aren’t you laughing?

So I guess this is my new metric for friends. If you don’t split your sides watching this, we probably won’t get along. Forever and ever. Amen.


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