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No, it doesn’t transform into 30 ABV

Every year the wonderful BeerAdvocate puts together a little shindig called Extreme Beer Fest, designed to educate the world as to the virtues of extreme beer. It’s important to understand that beer of the extreme variety is not ordinary beer. There are various criteria that must be met before it can be certified extreme: beer that’s 20%+ ABV, beer that’s been barrel aged, or beer made without hops would be considered quite extreme. Miller Light would not.

This year BeerAdvocate has teamed up with Dogfish Head to do something a bit special. They’ve brewed an exclusive beer just for the festivities. Names were suggested by forum users and the top ten were voted on. The results are remarkable…


Get it? BA Select? BA meaning BearAdvocate? Genius. The attendees of Extreme Beer Fest will be drinking genuine Konami code beer. I’m guessing the ‘start’ is when you tap the firkin. And after the festival is over this will be gone forever. Something tells me it won’t be popping up on eBay any time soon, either. The video game collector in me weeps.

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