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Did you see the Enterprise? They flipped the bitch!

I am beginning to understand that the new Star Trek movie will be remarkably terrible. I appreciate that it is pseudo-cannon, but there are certain elements that seem to deviate from what Star Trek is meant to represent… elements like boobs.  Star Trek fans don’t want boobs.  They want weird diplomacy conflicts and Patrick Stewart being badass.


Freetime Destroys Everything

Okay, even weirder than a fan made trailer for Malèna is one for Irréversible (also starring Monica Bellucci). Irréversible is, uh… shit. It’s screwed up. Probably the most horrifying film I’ve ever seen, with graphic depictions of rape and violence that will instill a ten month vow of chastity in any viewer. To make a music video using scenes from the movie with slut-happy disco… dude. The world is doomed.


Monica Bellucci’s complete Moves List and Fatalities

I spend a lot of time searching YouTube for the phrase “fan trailer,” mostly to feel better about myself. People spend a lot of time making abysmal shit for things they care way too much about. Most often it’s comic book or video game related, which is why I was surprised to come across a fan made trailer for Giuseppe Tornatore’s wonderful Malèna. I can’t explain why the YouTube clip has “American Idol” in the tags, though.

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