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Winding the watch of his wit

I miss watches. Remember watches? Like, for your wrist? I miss them, and I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time looking at watch porn. This slightly-garish solar hybrid watch from Poketo is going to be my next thing. It’s solar powered! Remember solar power? It’s okay if you don’t.

Twenty years ago I thought everything was going to be solar powered in the future. And everyone would be walking around with wristwatch calculators. The wristwatch was the ultimate realization of any idea. What if your watch played video games? What if your watch could hold music on it? I was going to live in a huge mansion and have an entire wall of wristwatches that did different things. That’s how I would know that I made it.

Watches, man. Watches.


Where the tweetle beetles battle


It’s Autumn! This is my favorite season by far. Aside from the obvious awesomeness of Halloween, colorful foliage and decreased crime, I love the fall because of the weather. Cooler temperatures mean I get to pull out my man-talking power outfits. Blazers, scarves, overcoats… they’re all street legal now, and I love it. I’m just so much more confident in layers.

A while ago I commissioned Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier to make me a “masculine” fashion accessory. Her previous brooches are fantastic, but the kids on the playground would always make fun of me for wearing them. I basically asked her to take her work and dudeify it. The result, pictured above, blew me away. That striped ribbon is gorgeous, and the drawing, as always, set my heart aflutter.

Anyway, now that the weather has changed I’m really excited to wear it attached to my more neutral sport coats. It looked a little silly just pinned to my He-Man t-shirt.


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