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Spoiler Alert: He hummed the chorus to ‘Milkshake’


After finishing Final Crisis #7, I was a bit confused. Mainly about why it was at all necessary. I mean, some parts were cool… such as the event shown in the panel above. But, really, I thought the whole thing was patchy at best. Then I read this great summary over at Comic Book Resources that made me realize the whole thing was remarkably thoughtful…

Let’s just pause a minute to appreciate the arrival of Captain Carrot and company. True, they don’t actually do anything other than show up and pose before the final assault, but their appearance in this comic shows the scope of Morrison’s plan. He embraces the variety of the DCU, not to sterilize it and cut it down to size like Marv Wolfman did, but to celebrate its diversity. While Darkseid chants of “one body. One mind. One will. One life that is Darkseid,” Morrison gives us a range of different heroes, of all shapes and sizes. They may all be based on the first Superman — the first “superhero story” — but they are not identical. Their differences matter. Life matters. Multiversal chaos will overcome singleminded order any day, and though a new order is established at the end of “Final Crisis” — an order based on hope and rebuilding a status quo that’s not all that different from what came before, the explicit declaration at the end of “Superman: Beyond” #2 appears again in “Final Crisis” #7, in a slightly different guise.

Superman’s “To Be Continued” epitaph is rewritten in the series finale as a drawing on a cave wall.

When I was first reading the story, I though “What the fuck? Is that Captain friggin’ Carrot?” Now, rereading it, I think “God damn, this is awesome.”


The Anti-Life Equation would be an awesome band name


So, uh… Final Crisis #6 came out last week. It’s kind of a big deal. I won’t get in to spoiler items here, but some serious shit goes down. The kind of stuff that would normally drive comic book sales through the roof. Except in this case DC totally dropped the ball on marketing (link contains huge spoilers). Which was kind of nice because I did not see this event coming at all. Maybe I’m just a bit slow.

So maybe you should read this issue, and then we could have an old-fashioned discussion.


I’d love to meet the guy who invented Booster Gold just to see if he’s a jerk


This year’s New York Comic Con is quickly approaching: February 6-8 at the Jacob Javits Center. Some of the notable guests include…

  • Carmine Infantino (creator of The Flash, Batgirl, and Poison Ivy)
  • Gabe & Tycho (Penny Arcade)
  • Bruce Timm (everything in the DC Animated Universe, like Batman and Justice League Unlimited)
  • Geoff Johns (Infinite Crisis, 52, Sinestro Corps Wars)
  • George Pérez (uh, everything ever)
  • Grant Morrison (52, Batman RIP, Final Crisis)
  • Jerry Robinson (creator of the Joker, Robin, Alfred and other Batman staples)
  • Ramona Fradon (the only female Golden Age comic artist still alive)
  • Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick (creators of The Venture Bros)
  • Dan Jurgens (Death of Superman, Booster Gold, Justice League)
  • N’Gai Croal (superhero of new games journalism)
  • Rags Morales (Identity Crisis, Batman RIP)
  • Dave Gibbons (the saner half of Watchmen)
  • Peter Mayhew(he was CHEWBACCA)

… and that’s not even a fraction of the the famous guests.  There’s also a screening of Bruce Timm’s new animated Wonder Woman movie, some DC Universe Online stuff, a world premier of Astro-Boy footage and even a panel called “Men Are From Kyrpton, Women Are From Paradise Island.”  In short, it’s not a bad way to spend thirty bucks.

I’d love to go myself since it’s so close, but I have no money and no friends who like comic books.  Experiences like this are meant to be shared.  If only so you can have someone to say “Dude, we just met George Pérez and then Gabe drew a penis for us!” to.


What happens in Happy Harbor stays in Happy Harbor


A scene from Black Canary’s bachelorette party, Countdown to Final Crisis #32. The reason I love superheros so much is for moments like these, when they’re not doing superhero stuff. Other highlights from the party include Black Canary learning of all the dirty photoshops of her that are on the internet, Barbara Gordon offering to hold Lois Lane’s hair if she has to puke, and Zatana turning Supergirl’s stolen margarita into ginger ale.

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