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One step closer to a live action Legion of Super-Pets movie

The only piece of news that matters from this year’s San Diego Comic Con: Geoff Johns is writing a special one-shot that pits Krypto the superdog against Dex-Starr the blood-vomiting cat.  It’s going to be a Valentine’s day special.  For reals.


Spoiler: Everything Revolves Around White Folks

Blackest Night was a straight up excited event. I know this because I felt remarkably betrayed after reading the final issue. Good comics have a tendency to do that. Imagine: you are a fanboy, become dangerously invested in these characters and their mythology. Then an event comes along and changes things. I won’t spoil anything, but Blackest Night essentially serves as a reset button for many previous “incidents” in the DC Comics universe. Which, FYI, is fucking lame. But,really, how else are events like this supposed to end? With a song?

The next big event, Brightest Day, starts next month, in which DC will most likely retcon some retcons of retcons. The final issue will most likely fold out into a mobius strip.


Spoiler Alert: Brainiac Did It


How do comic book publishers decide when to kill off characters that have been around for sixty years? More importantly… how do they write such a thing? It can be handled poorly, like the fate of the Martian Manhunter during Final Crisis. Or it can be handled beautifully, like the current Superman storyline New Krypton which partially revolves around the death of Jonathan Kent. Geoff Johns is doing a good job of indicating that Clark Kent is absolutely devastated by this. This sort of thing is why people read Superman and the like: to see that even mythical figures are can affected by the same tragedies we suffer day to day. It’s humbling and reassuring.

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