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Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else

“I Love My Job,” a single page comic by Graham Kahler about the magic of table-top roleplaying games.  I have never before experienced a comic that pegged such a sense of place.  These panels are pretty much exactly what flashes through my head when I score a critical hit when playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends.


Plagiarism Spotting: Full Sail University Online

This is a pretty clever ad for Full Sail University Online.  It’s, like… the birdcage is a symbol, man.  However, it was a hell of a lot more clever in its original inception: as the subject of a Graham Kahler comic.

This is a page from Songbirds, one of Graham Kahler’s better known works.  I think I first read it in 2006.  Kahler isn’t a huge celebrity or anything, but he has a following, enough that people who are into comics and illustration know his stuff.  And he’s indie enough that he probably couldn’t do anything to defend himself in the event that someone did steal his work.  The resemblance here is uncanny.  I obviously can’t outright say that this is an appropriation of Kahler’s concept without knowing more, but if it were my intellectual property and I saw this… I’d be livid.

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