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In Soviet Russia, Gud Dog Is You

I don’t know the source of this image (I saw it on This Isn’t Happiness), but if it’s legit the USSR may have invented WE3 long before Grant Morrison.  I mean, they had an army of space dogs during the Cold War, so it’s entirely probable.


I believe it was Cameo who said “It’s like candy”

Joe The Barbarian

There is a new Grant Morrison book. I like Grant Morrison. The book is called Joe the Barbarian. Let’s talk about it!

I’m of the opinion that every limited series works better when collected in trades. This is a first issue, which means it’s more or less a 32 page teaser for the rest of the series. Morrison’s concept of a kid having fantasies inside of a diabetic coma is solid, I just need to be patient and see where he’s going to take it. Sean Murphy‘s layouts, though… man alive! I want more. The last spread in the issue is one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen in a mainstream comic. There are like a thousand awesome little things that made me say “I hope your diabetic coma lasts forever, Joe!”

Vertigo is claiming to offer the first issue as a free download on their internet web site, but don’t be fooled: the only link I could find is for a nine page excerpt. Maybe the webmaster is very lazy. No matter, because this the first issue of a new Vertigo series, which means there is a one dollar cover price. One dollar! You probably have one dollar’s worth of change rattling around in the cup holder of your fancy Lexus, you jerk. Take a ride down to the local comic shop and convert that change into magical storytelling.

Secret Bonus Tip! You can download the first issue of the Unwritten (the actual whole issue) for free. It’s low resolution and in PDF format… but it’s free, and I think everyone should give this series a try. Vertigo also has a page detailing every free issue hosted on the site, if you want to a reason to spend more time in front of a computer.


The dog is the only animal that has seen his God


I’ve been a mega-fan of Grant Morrison for a while. Animal Man, Kill Your Boyfriend, Batman RIP, Final Crisis, Seaguy, 52… the dude writes some amazing stories. I’ve had We3 (considered by many to be his best work) on my shelf for a few months now, but only worked up the courage to read it this afternoon.

And I cried and cried and cried. I had to watch Zoolander in it’s entirety just to calm myself down.

We3 is about three animal prototype weapons — a bunny, a kitty and a doggy — set to be decommissioned. They were formerly pets, abducted and altered by the United States government. They escape, and those in charge of the project try to terminate the animals as quickly as possible.


The reason this story is so effective is because the animals retain the characteristics of their species even after being turned into cybernetic killing machines. The cat is snarky and independent. The rabbit is mildly timid and constantly looking for grass. The dog seeks reassurance (“1 IS GUD DOG?”) and wants to lead all the other animals to his warm, loving “home.” Frank Quitely’s art is masterful here, with complex, layered panels highlighting the heightened senses of the animals as they react to… well, people trying to murder them.

Thematically, there’s a lot going on… it’s about war, it’s about animal rights, it’s about human instinct. Utimately, though, it’s a horror story. You know how it’s going to end, and there’s nothing you can do but keep reading. Or put the book down and walk away, which I was tempted to do a number of times.

We3 is very good, but also very brutal. It’s hard to stomach. I urge you to read it. If you love animals, I urge you to not only read it and also to invest in a box of tissues and some stupid comedies on DVD.

Grant Morrison has turned the book into a screenplay, which is apparently set to be adapted as an R-rated film. I doubt it will ever be made… the audience simply isn’t there. I know that I, personally, could not sit through a live action version of this. The book is enough.

Now, please enjoy this video of Zoolander compressed into nine minutes.


Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes


True Story: I haven’t been to Gamestop in almost a year now, because I got sick of them trying to push pre-orders on me everytime I went in to pick up a title. Gamestop may be cheap, but it is full of dickhead practices. I will gladly pay a bit more to get my games from a online reseller like Gamefunk where they don’t treat me like a piece of shit.

Now that mindset has spread to how my Comic Book buying habits. I am tired of “Oh, you’re buying this week’s Wonder Woman? You should get these dozen other books that came out this week if you’re a true fan.” and “Hey, is that a non-superhero graphic novel you’re picking up? Should I go ahead and add a copy of Blankets to your total? Because we have that.” I know what I want to buy, pal. Let me buy it.

I did a test last week of a site called Heavy Ink. They offered 99 cent flat shipping on orders, which intrigued me. The shipping time was said to be slower due to the fact that they use the USPS Bound Printed Matter option (which I thought was meant to be for, like, publications for the blind and non-profit stuff, but whatever). I grabbed a copy of Grant Morrison’s Kill Your Boyfriend, Scott Pilgrim Vol 1, and, uh, Grant Morrison’s Superman Beyond 3D #2. Total price was $18.94, including shipping, which is just ridiculous. I got the books in four days, wrapped up in brown newsprint, which I can use for charcoal sketches. Result: Heavy Ink Wins.

The real reason that I was so interested in Heavy Ink is that they offer a subscription service. You can choose a book, add it to your subscriptions, and then choose how often they ship the bundle out. For example, I subscribed to Wednesday Comics, Greg Rucka’s run on Detective Comics, and Ambush Bug Year None (via back issues), setting them to ship once a month. So on August 1st I should get a few stray issues of current DC books and the entire run of Ambush Bug shipped out to me for 20% off cover price and 99 cents shipping. If this works out, I will be very happy.

Don’t get me wrong: I like local comic book stores. I’ll still pop in to South Philly Comics for my trade paper backs because the staff is super nice and they never push anything on me. But I am so ready to be done with my weekly outings to Wade’s Comic Madness and Steve’s Comic Relief, where I feel like I’m being preyed upon every time I step through the door. Not to mention the showing up later on new release day and getting a “Sorry, we sold out of this week’s Wednesday Comics.” Screw that. I’ll take bulk shipments straight to my door.

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