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The best thing we’ve got until DC comes out with “Every Man”


Okay: how can I express how good Grant Morrison’s Animal Man is without spoiling the whole thing? I can’t, really. I could tell you that it’s about our future, and good intentions, and maybe leave it at that and hope you will read it.

I could also tell you that it’s integral to setting up Final Crisis, although no one seems to realize it. I could tell you that it’s one of the best metafictional works I have read, or one of the best comic books I have read. I could tell you that Grant Morrison himself is in the comic. I could tell you a lot of junk about how amazing it is, but, really, I want to tell you this: you should read it. It’s important and ground breaking and wonderful. Why am I experiencing it just now? Are there other mainstream comics as good as this that have slipped by the wayside?


I’m sorry, I can’t read this.

On my train ride back from Portland, I decided to crack open Grant Morrison’s Animal Man run to pass the time. I’ve never read it despite being a huge Morrison fan. I was not prepared.

By the fourth issue I was crying, swearing off meat and otherwise promising myself I’d be a better person. When I think Animal Man, I envision a lamer version of Aquaman. He channels the powers of animals around him. Big deal. But Morrison did something amazing: he took the throwaway concept of this superhero and turned him into a voice for animal rights. “What happens if Animal Man channels the powers of tortured lab animals?” The book goes there, and it is brutal.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Once you reach the Coyote Gospel… I can’t even explain how amazing it is. It makes Watchmen looked like a rushed fill-in story. This is a Vertigo title for a reason. I can’t wait to read the next two volumes.


Over One Million Served


Last week my partner at work was out with flu like symptoms. I kept joking with him: “Hey, it’s probably swine flu, haha!” And he would argue with me: “It’s not swine flu, haha!”

Well, now I’m sick, and according to expert medical sources… it’s definitely swine flu. Haha.

So I’ve set up camp in my bed, sleeping 18 hours a day and groggily watching old movies on Netflix. Otto Preminger’s Laura is available for streaming, FYI. I also reread Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman, which is what I wish the early 90s “Death of Superman” story could have been. Probably Morrison’s best work next to We3 (which only wins out because it’s about cute animals).

Basically swine flu isn’t that different from regular flu, except I’m tired as hell. Like, mononucleosis tired. I was hoping to use this sick time to catch up on some video games I need to play, but my fingers are too lethargic. I also seem to be having some crazy hallucinations, but I think that’s just my brain trying to compensate for lack of exercise. Which is fine. I have no qualms about telling Batman I love him when he hovers at the foot of my bed.

Also in swine related news: please boycott Hormel forever and ever.


Spoiler Alert: Batman is, uh, on vacation


Batman & Robin! Number one!

Today is a huge day. How often do you get to buy a first issue of a regular Batman series? This is the first time in my lifetime, as far as I know. Let alone a Batman #1 illustrated by Frank Quitely (Flex Mentallo, All Star Superman) and written by Grant Morrison (everything good, ever).

Morrison’s run on the “normal” Batman book was amazing and it totally set this shit up. If you haven’t been paying attention: there is a new Batman, there is a new Robin, and it is going to be awesome. Here is a direct quote from Morrison: “With the collections out, we’ve got Batman & Son, we’ve got The Black Glove, we’ve got Batman R.I.P., and then we’ve got this one, Batman & Robin, and then, hopefully, there will be a final volume, a fifth volume.”

I am excited, to the point of contention. Fuck Grant Morrison for making comics fun again!

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