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Twice as much to love, two blessings from above

Theory: Uno Moralez is the best comics artist working right now, despite the fact that he’s not really working in comics or even considered a comics artist. Click the image for the full strip, or check out some amazing animated gifs at his website.


Raccoon Tracks, or: Freaky Little Baby Hand Prints

I am absolutely in love with Kali Ciesemier’s Amtrak Junior Conductor’s Guidebook.  Those colors!  Those angles!  But should I be worried that Amtrak stations appear to have a serious Raccoon problem?

According to Kali’s blog, this book was a promo for National Train Day with a print run of 150,000 copies.  So there should be some out there.  If you’ve seen it anywhere for purchase… please let me know!  I’d love to get my hands on a copy and rub this turquoise and warm red magic all over my eyeballs. Also check out Kali Ciesemier’s illustration portfolio, which is overflowing with more amazing work.


As new almonds stripped from the husk

A figurative study by Kyle T Webster.  I’m all about this dude’s continuos stroke figure/ground experiments… sort of like Egon Schile sketching in Sumi ink.  You might be all about this dude’s more recent work, because it’s slightly nerdier: figure studies of Star Wars and Harry Potter characters.  He’s been posting new studies every day to his blog The Daily Figure.


You’ll Believe a Man Can Fly

While browsing the racks at my local comic shop this week, Dustin Nguyen’s cover for Superman 80-Page Giant caught my eye.  Somebody at DC must have really dropped the ball on this one, because it looks great. Not at all the steroid trainwreck I’ve come to expect from superhero covers. The reason this cover jumped out at me is because it more or less ignores all the compositional rules that make comics… well, comics.  It’s a bit of a jumbled mess, centered on a white background, and I love it for that.  It’s refreshing to see a cover buck the trend of action poses and just throw down some art.

I’m not familar with Dustin Nguyen, but his portfolio is mighty impressive. Especially these super cute “Little Gotham” panels.

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