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Detective Comix Featuring Monk

Have you ever loved something so very much… but for all the wrong reasons?  I’ve recently been watching this show Monk, about a detective with OCD.  It was all the rage with retired people and housewives years ago, but I didn’t pay much attention to it until I burned through all the good TV on Netflix.  Monk is a perfectly acceptable television show — that is to say there’s nothing wrong with it — but each episode follows a very strict template.  Detective Monk’s keen observation skills allow him to discover the true culprit of an otherwise perfect crime.  In fact, half the time he confronts the criminal with “It would have been the perfect crime, but you forgot one thing…”  I find that hilarious.  Probably too hilarious.

Much to the annoyance of my friends, I’ve been constantly prefacing random facts with the statement.

“It would have been the perfect crime, but you forgot one thing: salamanders are colorblind.”

“It would have been the perfect crime, but you forgot one thing: George Washington died on December 14, 1799. There’s no way you could have had lunch with him on the day in question.”

“It would have been the perfect crime, but you forgot one thing: automobiles run on gasoline, not orange juice.”

Try it,  it’s fun!  I’ve also been making image macros, because those are like currency on the internet.  If the producers of Monk are reading this, you guys should know that I’ve got a million of these.  Here’s my pitch: a robot detective with OCD in space.  Bam! That’s television’s next Firefly right there.

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Hopeful Jose and the Case of the Stolen Chandeliers

I’m not really much of a sports guy, but I maintain an overwhelming fascination with human tragedy. As such, I find Jose Canseco’s Twitter feed to be spellbinding. This post on With Leather breaks it down, but the gist is that Canseco has become a very sad and pathetic man. The dude was huge when I was a kid, an absolute superstar with more money than I could ever fathom. Then he retired, wrote a book about his rampant steroid abuse and is now living in someone’s garage.

While reading a lot of these tweets, I couldn’t help but picture the face that the media had burned into my brain during the late 80s. So I went ahead and paired it with a few of my favorites.

Okay, it feels good to get that out of my system. But if you’re following Jose Canseco on Twitter and get inspired, I’ve added the original image to Meme Generator, where you can add your own captions.


“You’re Gonna Die, Charlie.”


Social image indexes are so 2008, right? Sites like ffffound and Dropular are so boring now that over 2% of the planetary population is aware of their existence.  Well, good news!  Nobody has heard of Buamai.  It’s an image index by  YouWorkForThem, but with one clear difference from those other sites mentioned above: it is awesome.  Check out the mutate function, which generates palletes from a pool of images, or the adlib option which turns stories into image streams.  The image above is what I got for “All dogs go to heaven.”

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