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Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed

Guys, I’ve stresslined out over Chew in the past, but in a nutshell: Tony Chu is a detective who gets psychic impressions from the things he eats, and he solves crimes by eating things. It’s as amazing as it sounds. And now iFanboy is saying that Showtime is going to turn it into a TV series. That is wonderful news! I think the material will work really well as a series and Showtime is the perfect network for a project like this, just because Tony Chu sometimes¬†eats, uh, people and it can be a bit gruesome.

In light of this announcement, I’d like to formally nominate Ken Leung for the role of Tony Chu.

You may remember Ken Leung from his role as Miles the psychic detective on the hit show Hey We’re Lost. So he’d pretty much be playing the exact same character except with a tad more cannibalism. Cast Josh Holloway as Chu’s partner and we can just pretend this is the Miles/Sawyer buddy cop show that everyone wants to see. Make it happen, Showtime!

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