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Happy Prerelease Day

When I was 14 years old, I was not even half as cool as the Good At This kid. Just look at the costumes in this video. As soon as he realizes that girls are actually interesting, he is going to get so much play.


“Tap your face!” That was a good one!


Sadness: I’ve started playing Magic The Gathering again. Mostly because a bunch of people I work with play, and I’m a follower. I also had a shitload of cards from back in the day, so I didn’t need to invest any money in it.

But I’m playing it a bit differently. Basically, I’m griefing. I’ll run the most annoying deck possible, one that has no shot of winning, just to make everyone uncomfortable. I’ll play some crazy creature and just leave it there and never attack. I’ll ask questions like “How many permanents do you have in play? Are any of them blue or green?” and then act really happy no matter what the answer is. Everyone thinks I have some master strategy or an amazing card in my hand, but in reality I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

In short: I’m really good at ruining things for everyone.

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