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Within a different theory of space

The United States Captial Building, skinned in traditional Islamic geometric patterns, by Alina Gallo. I am always impressed when work leverages a high visual impact as an extension of its message rather than as a supplemental device.


Intergalactic Hoagie Sojourn


Right now, this very second, I am on a train. To Maine!

I know what you’re thinking: “Mr. Stress, why is this a big deal? You travel all the time. And you are so good looking.” This is a big deal because it marks the reunion of SUPER BEST PALS FOREVER, the covert team of artists I served with during the Great Hipster War of 2004.

In other words, I’m going to see all my old college friends again for the first time since graduation and I’m totally excited. SUPER BEST PAL Agent DeAnne is getting married! And her wedding is somewhere in the back woods of Maine, pictured above. It’s a camping dance party wedding.

I’ve got a bag full of Wawa sandwiches, a couple suits and a tent. I’ll have my laptop with me, so maybe I’ll be able to live-blog getting eaten by a bear.


My White Whale Is Actually A Lobster

After several years, I have finally managed to reconnect with Geary’s Pale Ale. I drank this stuff throughout college and haven’t been able to locate it in the wild since then. I thought I might have built the beer up in my mind a bit due to nostalgia, but it’s still damn good. The key is a high salt content, which somehow manages to enhance the grain and caramel flavors. It’s wonderful.

Interestingly enough, the retailer I found it at didn’t seem to know anything about it’s origin. There was just a single six pack sitting in the “to sort” rack and none of the employees could explain where it came from or if they usually carried it. The guy at the register even said “Hey! You found those here?”

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