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The mouse is always too nimble to be caught

This is so utterly amazing and completely heartbreaking. Please Say Something, a ten minute short by David O’Reilly (who is sort of a mograph superstar, with his work for the PSST!3 project being a favorite of mine), is an allegorical, hypertextual mediation on… blah blah blah. It’s just awesome, and has a lot going on.

The low polygon count on the characters and the isometric environments have me wondering if this is some sort of machinima. Or maybe it’s just a really efficient work flow in action.


Lush is the new Minimal

Let me make this clear: at some point, I was a mograph superstar. I knew After Effects like water and I had ideas that people paid me to make real. Then I took a break for a couple of years and… this happened. Advanced Beauty is something people in the industry have been waiting for, a sort of sublime becoming for a stale medium. It is wonderful and invigorating. Unfortunately, it leaves old mographers like me in the dust.


No More Lens Flares

The next four years are going to be wonderful. Obama has already done what no other president could: hired a proper motion graphic artist. Check out the first few seconds of his weekly address and tell me that’s not beautiful. It’s also worth noting that his campaign logo is stunning in motion.

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