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Mother’s love grows by giving

Guys, Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  If you’re trying to find a last minute gift, I humbly submit to you YO MOMMA SO EXTRAORDINARY. My best friend and I sat down and wrote a bunch of ridiculous yo momma jokes and they’ve been collected into this book. When I say “ridiculous,” I mean in the sense that these don’t function as yo momma jokes typically should: they aren’t insulting in any way. They’re complimentary! Because my best friend’s mom is awesome and I would never disrespect her. So it’s got stuff like “Yo momma got such a green thumb that plants talk to her!” and “Yo momma so insightful I sometimes wonder if she’s quoting NPR, or NPR’s quoting her.” And the art direction is done in a Yo!-MTV-Raps-meets-90s-suburbia style with lots of great pictures. This book was a ton of fun to write and I think it came out really well. So buy it for your moms… it’s only $10!

We also made a website, Love Yo Momma, where you can submit your own yo momma compliments. Some of them have been amazing: “Yo momma so micro-gastronomical she freebases salami.” That joke alone gives me such an immense sense of fulfillment, like how Mother Teresa must have felt when she saved her first orphan (or whatever it was Mother Teresa did).


A day to celebrate every failure of postmodernist appropriation

As you may be aware, September 9th, 2009, has been declared “A Day Without Cats On The Internet” by various blogs and websites. Seems a little ridiculous, since it’s essentially taking away the only form of medication many of us have. I work in an office! How am I supposed to keep from flipping the hell out without my daily feed of hilarious captioned cat photos?

Urlesque had a poll to determine what animal should fill the funny picture void. Bunnies won. How boring! If you’ve seen one rabbit with a pancake on it’s head, you’ve seen them all.

I’m taking this as an opportunity to forward “LOLpeople” to all my friends and co-workers.





I had made a bunch more, but adding the caption to that fourth picture made me sick to my stomach and I had to stop. Enjoy!

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