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Spoiler: Make Your Own Lasso Of Truth Joke

In the rebooted DC Universe, superheroes are apparently DTF 24/7.


Spoiler: If cats could talk, they wouldn’t

I’d just like to point out that the above page isn’t a piece of creepy fan art… this is the last page of Catwoman #1.  Apparently the new DC Universe is all about on-panel, partially costumed superhero coitus.  The entire issue was pretty awful, but this awkward fap-baiting has convinced me that I don’t need to buy any more issues of Catwoman. At least not with its current creative team.


A Heartbeat At My Feet

I’ve been picking up all the new number one issues for DC’s big relaunch event, and, for the most part: they’re boring.  Maybe boring isn’t the right word… each issue is very clearly the prologue to a much larger arc, so I don’t feel right recommending any of the titles.  Especially when you’re dropping $3.99 for a setup that equates to “Hi Batman! My name’s Green Lantern!”  There is one book I would recommend checking out, though: Animal Man #1.  It could be my affinity for the character, but this book works much better than all the other DC relaunches.  It’s written by Jeff Lemire, who is probably best known for his Vertigo series Sweet Tooth (which I swear I’ll get around reading some day), and focuses on taking Animal Man back to the Grant Morrison version of the character… a meta-fictional animal rights activist who is a superhero on occasion.

Now that I think about it, if you haven’t already you should read the first volume of Grant Morrison’s Animal Man (which costs all of fourteen American dollars on Amazon) before you check this new book out. Because it is good, and because I am obligated to mention the book whenever I discuss Animal Man. Or animals in general. Or men. Close acquaintances will sadly confirm this.


Spoiler: Casualties of the DC Universe Reboot, Part 2

I woke up this morning and the latest Superman news was being covered not by a comics site, but by the popular celebrity gossip blog TMZ. The post mostly focused on how his penis looks in the new costume.

DC Universe Reboot.  Changing everything.

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