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A 15 year old girl reviews David Lynch films

Oh, to be young again! To spoil the whole thing: she thought Blue Velvet was hilarious, Dune was unwatchable, and Fire Walk With Me was apparently even worse than Dune.

To be fair, this girl is fifteen. I probably had trouble dressing myself at that age. But I do want to question one common injustice: why does Dune get such a bad rap? I think it’s a very fun and engaging science fiction film. If anything, just for the novelty of being the only noir-baroque sci-fi film ever made. And the soundtrack was a Brian Eno/Toto collaboration! How can that not make you smile?


Happy Prerelease Day

When I was 14 years old, I was not even half as cool as the Good At This kid. Just look at the costumes in this video. As soon as he realizes that girls are actually interesting, he is going to get so much play.


Let It Be Known: Emudude19 needs to take a shower

If you’re going to upload your crazy awesome scores for Guitar Hero tracks, you should consider feeding the line out from the TV directly into the camcorder so no one has to listen to you argue with your mother about hygiene.


I Voted for the loser that doesn’t shave

I feel bad for the poor mother trying to console all of those girls at the end. If I ever have a daughter, she will never be allowed to participate in gatherings this size.

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