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Cape rape is a crime

A clip from the ITV2 series No Heroics. It’s more or less a romantic comedy spin on Golden Age superheroes. I’m posting the clip because I just learned ABC has greenlight a pilot for a US remake… which will probably be terrible, but I’ll still watch it.


‘Reality’ is quite subjective

Momma’s Boys: The Beginning Of The End. I hear everyone born in Iraq is made of jello. Off-brand jello.


Spoiler Alert: It’s A Lion

This new promo for the fifth season of Lost does a really good job of being astonishingly awesome. I need friends who watch this show. Or, really, friends period.


Watch Your Cartoons, Goober

For the weeks leading up the season five premiere, the producers of Lost are doing some weird promotional thing. I don’t know: I get an email with a password from someone, then I go to some website and put in the password and watch clips from the show. In the past I would have avoided anything that could even remotely be considered a spoiler, but the show has gotten so batshit good that I can’t resist anymore. The above clip is from the premiere, and is TOTALLY OFF THE HOOK.

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