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The Blank wishes he was this cool

2009-07-07 19.50.01

Dudes: there is a Question action figure. I now own it.

I’ve probably mentioned on this blog that the Question is my favorite fictional character quite a few times. The fact remains that a faceless, paranoid, Objectivist superhero who ends up dying of lung cancer after years of smoking is inherently awesome. You know that “Rorschach” guy that geeks are always going on about? He’s like Diet Question. So when I saw this three pack at Target I had to have it. I also get a bonus Wonder Woman and Wally West (who are totally going to go on a date at the Ghostbuster’s Firehouse as soon as I dig it out of my parent’s basement).

This figure is probably going to reside in my messenger bag so I can bust it out when I ask something inappropriate on a first date. Then I’ll wave it in the girl’s face and say “ANSWER THE QUESTION!” If she laughs, it was totally meant to be. If she doesn’t… I’ll probably need a public defender.


The twice-named daughter of Cain


Detective Comics #854 is probably the most gorgeous comic I have ever read.  JH Williams III (you are probably familiar with his work on Promethea) has done a phenomenal job on this issue, and if the covers he’s been posting on his blog are any indication, this run is going to be amazing.  He has such a lush style, and really thrives when working with the black and red of the Batwoman character.

Oh yeah!  Batwoman is in this story.  Seriously! A Jewish, lesbian superhero is now starring in one of the longest running comic books ever.  Read that back:  A Jewish lesbian is in Detective Comics.  And it’s not even a big deal!

It also helps that Katherine Kane, Batwoman’s alter ego, is damn interesting.  She is seriously tragic.  This is the woman who had her heart carved out for a religious ritual in 52, then pulled the knife out of her chest and stabbed a guy with it.  Greg Rucka writes her really well, and you can’t help but feel bad for this poor woman who’s trying to figure out why an insane cult is obsessed with her. Oh, and she’s closeted, which is just heartbreaking.

But wait!  Detective Comics #854 also features a backup story featuring my favorite superhero ever, the Question.  Who is coincidentally also a lesbian, but she’s a hispanic lesbian.  It’s only eight pages, but I will buy anything feature the Question.  Except for Christopher Nolan’s the Dark Knight, because they really, really fucked up her character.

Man, I hate that movie.

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