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What’s in the box?

A shitload of awesome, that’s what.


Men like you thought this up

A Sweded version of Terminator 2. After watching the original film hundreds of times, I believe weird little moments like the skip in Sarah Conner’s step after she picks up the baton define the film. Apparently I’m not the only one.


My, How Far The Boomtown Rats Have Come

It’s Christmas Eve! For most people, this is a time to look forward to the disappointment of Christmas morning and the economic hardships that follow. For me, it’s an excuse to post the music video for “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Aside from holding some sort of world record for most douchebags on a single song, the part where Bono sings “tonight thank God it’s them instead of you” is the weirdest line ever. What the hell does he mean by that?

Also of note is the hip-hopified re-release of the song.


There’s Got To Be Something Good To Watch

A trailer for the new film I Want My Three Minutes Back. Fun fact: in college, a friend and I came up for an online distribution service for video. We had the framework in place, but abandoned it when we realized there was no profit to be had. How YouTube makes money is beyond me. I wonder how many people attempted a similar idea but dumped it due to financial concerns (as I did).

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