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Spoiler: Make Your Own Lasso Of Truth Joke

In the rebooted DC Universe, superheroes are apparently DTF 24/7.


Invisible Airplane is retconned to be an Invisible Motorcycle

The Story So Far: after a long postcard campaign from jerks like me, DC Comics is celebrating the 600th issue of Wonder Woman this month.  Also the 600th issues of Batman and Superman, but those aren’t as important as Wonder Woman.   I was reading iFanboy this morning and stumbled across Jim Lee’s redesign of Wonder Woman for her 600th issue.  I am, surprisingly, not completely disgusted.  Mainly because Wonder Woman’s iconic costume is completely ridiculous and inappropriate; I lovingly call it the USO Ameritits Bikini. Anything is an improvement.

But still… leather jacket?  Black choker?  Jim Lee shouldn’t be trusted with stuff like this (see his bastardization of The Huntress character in Hush).  My favorite take on Wonder Woman remains Carly Monardo’s, mainly because she’s recognizing Wonder Woman’s roots as the princess of effin’ Themyscira and not trying to dress her up as some patriotic Rush Limbaugh fap-fest.

You can see more redesigns like this over at Project Rooftop, a blog that serves no purpose other than hosting fan redesigns of superhero costumes.  Which is wonderful.


the skies above fair Greece yawn wide


It is no secret that I’m a huge Wonder Woman fan. I adore her character and everything she stands for. She has been a huge influence on me my entire life. I think she’s swell!

Whenever there is a huge DC Comics event, I find myself asking: Where is Wonder Woman? She’s always ignored, leaving stupid Superman to resolve the story. Final Crisis ended with Superman singing a song to save the world while Wonder Woman had been transformed into a pig faced mutant. Totally weak.

I’m thrilled that the latest DC event, Blackest Night, has a Wonder Woman tie-in. Not just any tie-in… a good one! See, once upon a time Wonder Woman committed straight-up murder on a dude named Maxwell Lord. It was terrible! She snapped his neck after being slightly provoked. She’s been haunted by this ever since. So, what happens when DC is doing a mega-event like Blackest Night where villians rise from the grave?


I’ll admit that a lot of other interesting things are going on with this story arc — like, say, Bruce Wayne rising from the dead to kill Superman — but Wonder Woman’s personal demons are way more thrilling to me. It’s a trinity of superheroes, god dammit, but writer’s normally treat it like a boy’s club. Wonder Woman is amazing, and you should learn to love her.


It was a classic raccoon-dog-meets-Amazonian-Princess story

2009-09-29 10.55.53

I did a few sweeps of the show floor upon my arrival at SPX (maybe you heard the trumpets) and Neil Jam‘s booth immediately grabbed me. He had all these cute pop art drawings, in frames, for twelve dollars each.

Every place I’ve ever worked at, I’ve gotten shit for not having family pictures on my desk. Probably because I work with old people who have family pictures on their desks. Sorry, dudes, I’m 26 years old, I’m single, and I spend most of my free time reading books. This guy isn’t having a family any time soon. So I’m hoping Wonder Woman and Tanooki Mario can pinch hit for a while. They’re now freaking out everyone who steps into my office.

Fun Fact: right after I bought these, some dude swooped in carrying a baby to get a closer look. The baby started crying. Guy holding him said “Yeah, I know… they all have black eyes. Dead black eyes. It’s a conspiracy!” Then he actually ran towards the nearest exit and left. I was in complete disbelief and just started laughing. I looked around and realized that no one else was laughing. Maybe this dude is a convention regular and everyone knows him?

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